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Do you have a nutrition, health, or life-style medicine project you could use a researcher or freelance author for?

Interested in partnering with me in some other way?

Curious if I'd be a good fit for you?

You can check out some of my work on Nutrishatives. Here are a few I particularly recommend, but you could dig into any of my pieces!


You could also browse my posts on HubPages and my profile and statistics on Upwork.

Don't see anything that matches the kind specific type of work you're looking for? Feel free to reach out to me for additional writing samples or to discuss the possibility of putting together a trial piece (at a severely discounted price) specifically for your project!

Still need some convincing? Here's what my previous clients have had to say about my work!

"Miranda is a total pro. She is a nutrition expert, an excellent researcher, and a stellar writer. I wouldn't hesitate to hire her again and I am extremely pleased with the work she has produced for me." - October, 2017

"Miranda is a great person to work with. She provides great quality content, communicates constantly and meets deadlines. Will hire very soon!" - October, 2017

"Excellent, excellent, excellent experience working and collaborating with Miranda. We are working with her long-term to help us strategize, write, edit, and finalize work on our medical articles and get them ready for publishing. Miranda is a vital member of our team and we hope she continues to work with us long-term. She goes above and beyond the scope of our projects and she is always willing to take one for the team! Thanks for your excellence and attention to details, Miranda!" - September, 2017

"Miranda is an excellent writer and editor. Any client or firm would be extremely lucky to have her as she is knowledgeable in her field, a priceless member of our team, top-rated, an excellent researcher, a hard-working professional, and she always delivers standards that are way above what we set for our projects before or by the suggested deadlines. She is currently working with [us] as one of our medical writers. However, within a few weeks of being hired, we had to promote her to work with us in the editorial team as her standards and strong attention to details are impeccable and obvious. Not only does she deliver error-free publications, she also engages with us to suggest her original ideas in various relevant areas. I could go on, but if you need someone to work on your project, I will tell you right now that Miranda is a perfect fit." - September, 2017

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