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Miranda Poenicke

About Me

When I began my undergraduate studies, it was my dream to become a researcher, focusing on helping discover a cure for our most devastating diseases: cancer, or heart disease, or diabetes. By the end of my four years, I’d settled on cancer, both because it seemed to be the most challenging and because my grandpa had been diagnosed with bladder cancer in the meantime.

Before I could finish my graduate work in biochemistry, however, I realized that I had made a mistake.

I had, from the very beginning, been looking at the problem all wrong.

Our oncology courses delved into the nitty-gritty of how cancer develops, how modern medicine works to treat it, and where the research is headed. I had lectures from professors, oncologist, molecular biologists, geneticists. All of them pointed out a hard truth – preventing the cancer in the first place is much, much more effective than anything we can do to treat it. And how do we prevent it? Diet and lifestyle. Diet and lifestyle. Diet and lifestyle.

About six months before I was due to graduate, I came to the realization that, if I really wanted to help people live happy, healthy lives, I would serve them a million times better by learning how to help them prevent it, rather than helping develop a new drug to treat it afterwards. It meant studying an extra year and tossing out a bunch of the credit points I’d already earned, but I decided I needed to switch to a nutrition program.

My nutrition studies solidified my resolve to dedicate myself to promoting lifestyle medicine even further, though I was initially unsure how I was going to be able to do so.

Inspiration finally struck while writing my Master’s thesis - I could write!

Writing had always been a hobby of mine. I was a book worm throughout my childhood - never without a book in hand and three or so waiting in the wings! I'd tried my hand at creative writing and poetry, with decent success. I had even seriously considered majoring in English when I began my undergraduate studies, but decided I would likely feel more fulfilled pursuing a path that helped people in a more concrete and tangible way and went into the health sciences. Little did I know, after 10 years, writing would crop back up as the most tangible way to help after all! 

So, everything fell into place, and after I graduated in 2017, I founded this website and my own business - Volistic Nutrition (Volistic Ernährung in German) - to compose and promote the spread of scientifically accurate texts about health, nutrition and lifestyle medicine!

Want to learn more about my story? Check out this more detailed piece I wrote for Nutrishatives about my personal journey into lifestyle medicine!

Work Experience

2017 - Today

Founder: Volistic Nutrition

Nutrition, Health, Life-style Medicine Advocacy & Freelancing

2014 - 2015

Laboratory Assistant for Gastrointestinal Immunology Department of the University Hospital of Schleschwig-Holstein

2012 - Today

Laboratory Assistant for BBS, Kiel

Work Experience




Master's Degree.

Nutrition & Food Science.



Master's Studies.

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology.



Intesive German Language Training.

DSH3 Certification.

2007 / 2011

Alma College

Bachelor's Degree. 

Major: Human Physiology (Exercise and Health Science)

Minors: Chemistry & French


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Miranda Poenicke

Volistic Ernährung

Health, Nutrition and Science Consulting & Freelancing

Gerhardstraße 36

24015 Kiel, Germany
Tel: +49 0157 38420371

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